Thinking of reading the Bible through, but not sure where to start?

Try one of our three Bible-reading plans.


1. First-timer plan

Reading the Bible through for the first time is daunting! Worse, you can get confused in some parts and end up just giving in.

This plan will lead you through the whole New Testament once through the year. It also leads you through selected parts of the Old Testament twice - just to help you get a feel for the overall big events and timeline.

Next year, you can opt for another plan that takes you through the whole Bible and it will make a bit more sense (hopefully!)

This plan is in A5 format with space for you to jot down notes and questions as you go. You'll probably only want to print off a few pages at a time.

 First-timer Bible-reading plan

2. Working-week plan

Many people work 5 days per week and have 2 days off, but oddly that can make daily reading more difficult to schedule.

This plan has you reading for about 15 minutes per day (4 chapters), 5 days per week. You just read a psalm or two at the weekends.

The plan also builds in 2 weeks off, which can be helpful. It's also undated - remember, you're in control of how you used the plan, not the other way round!

 Working-week Bible-reading plan

3. M'Cheyne Plan

This is the classic Robert Murray M'Cheyne plan, though with a little adjustment to layout.

We've split it up so that you can opt to read just the New Testament, the whole Bible in 2 years, the whole Bible in 1 year, or (the full M'Cheyne plan) read the New Testament and psalms twice and the Old Testament once in a year.

 Robert Murray M'Cheyne Bible-reading plan

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