The whole church gathering together for worship and prayer is a hugely important expression of what "church" means.

But every Christian (or enquirer) is at a different stage in their understanding, faith, and maturity.

Like many churches, we have a number of small group settings that change and evolve depending on the needs of the people in the church.

  • Tuesday at 7:30pm and Thursday at 10:00am we have our weekly prayer meetings / Bible study groups. For convenience, these both meet at the church building in the relative comfort of our rear lounge.
  • At other times in the week, we meet in two's or three's at different locations to dig into the Bible and look at what it means for us at the individual level.

We use a variety of resources and study aids appropriate to each individual or group. The aim for everyone is simple: To become more and more like Jesus, and to learn to tell others about him.

Service times and information

Service information